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I. Printing Materials
- Mainly applicable to cardboard rolling paper.
II. Main Features
- Electronic shaft drive.
- National Invention Patent: Sliding sleeve type shaftless lockup system
- Unreeling splicing with zero speed.
- Each color group driven by independent servo motors; Tension controlled by 4 floating rollers.
- 3D adjustable scraping device with printing plate ink-soaking and ink-transferring combined.
- A large high-rigidity disc-type winding shelf; Automatic splicing with double stations working ceaselessly in high speed.
- Linear guideway device with integral 3D adjustable & duplex cylinder scrapers.
- Vertical & horizontal computerized automatic color-registering system.
- High-precision pre-registration function and quick correcting errors while registering.
- PLC control and human-computer interface operation.
- Aspirating & exhausting drying oven with adjustable internal circulation

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