Three Phase Distribution Board Made in China

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Plug in 16 way 3 phase distribution board
Main switch: MCB, Isolator+ELCB, MCCB
Main amp: 125A
Fully shrouded busbar

ETD03-T2-16W Plug in 16 way three phase distribution board

Our final plug in 16 way 3 phase distribution board provides safe, reliable circuit protection and power distribution board for residential and commercial premises. The Plug in 16way 3 phase distribution board takes electricity supplied by utility companies and serves as the service entrance by distributing the electricity throughout residential, commercial and light industrial buildings.

What breaker can adapt for this board?
Default: 1. Etechin manufactured breakers
Others: 2. Other breaker use in customer end. It should inform Etechin before order placed

Please advise us the breaker you will use in the distribution board

MCB incomer
Item No.main breakerOutgoing/polesHH1WW1D

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