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Steel molds are more suitable for various rolling, punching, slitting, shearing and other application equipment, such as mask body machine, ultrasonic cloth slitting machine, ultrasonic punching machine and many other equipment use steel molds.
In order to ensure the ultrasonic transmission effect, it is not suitable for large-scale molds. For round molds, the unit diameter should generally not exceed 11.5cm.
1. High hardness, up to 60 degrees Rockwell hardness, 45 degrees ordinary hardness, not easy to wear;
2. Strong and durable, high yield strength, not easy to crack;
3. Compared with titanium alloy, the cost is low;
4. Cutting chemical fiber fabrics without loose edges;
5. The longest mold use time;
6. High stability锛?/p>
7. Ultrasonic transmission rate is relatively low, acoustic impedance is large
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