Biaxial High Speed Disperser

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A twin shaft high speed disperser characterizes twin dispersing shafts which are different in length. A saw-tooth type dispersing disc is mounted on each shaft. The disperser head can be hydraulically raised for loading/unloading of a material tank. A fixed tank lid or two semi-circular lids are available for preventing powders and solvents from escaping from the container during processing. The two discs turn simultaneously in opposite directions and mitigate the herd behavior of products following the movement of dispersing blades. Various working capacities are available for option. The mixers are applicable for processing of highly viscous pastes or alike.
鈼?The twin shaft high speed dispersers are widely used in the industries such as paint, dye, printing ink, papermaking, adhesive and alike.
鈼?nbsp;Saw-tooth shaped dispersing discs are supplied.
鈼?Dual dispersing

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