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Wireless Rechargeable Smart Spieth BTE001 BTE Hearing Aids

This behind the ear(BTE) hearging aids use the universal Type C interface, an unprecedented charge time of less than 3 hours for an average 20 hours of use-time. The break-through intelligent charging chip circuit minimizes heat and makes 'green' technology a practical really for hearing aid users.


What a Smart Hearing Aid Does For You

It's like your personal, on-demand audiologist!

Connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth

Performs a customized hearing test

Adjusts to your unique hearing loss with one touch.

Personalize your hearing preferences on the go using your app

No need to visit the audiologist to get your hearing aid and that saves a lot of money

NOT for streaming audio from your phone.


It's all about your own hearing

Automatic Hearing Test

No need to go to another expensive doctor's appointment. The BTE001 Hearing Aid will automatically perform a hearing test for you, anywhere, any time

Different Hearing Needs in Each Ear?

No problem, this hearing aid will customize both ears.

What if my hearing changes over time?

No need to replace your hearing aid just because your hearing needs to change. Simply run the hearing test again and your app-controlled hearing aid is customized to your current hearing needs.

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Advantages of this hearing aids:



The time has come! hearing aids finally become rechargeable so you don't need to replace batteries anymore. It's convenient, especially for those with a busy, active lifestyle or those with dexterity issues.


Directional Mic Noise Canceling

Equipped with TWO directional microphones that provide more amplification for the sound coming in from the front. This will greatly reduce the background noise when you are in a noisy environment and let you enjoy a clear conversation.


Small and Light Weight

A small and compact design of these devices goes a long way in giving you all-day comfort when using them. It will be hard to see behind the ear.

High Performance


This hearing aid has great highlights in both design and material, as follows:

1.Magnetic contact charging,use high technology.

2.Slim and eye catching design looks beautiful and smart.

3.High performance DSP hearing aid with Built-in 30mAh Lithium Polymer Battery,suitable for your trips.

4.4 Channel WDRC DSP Programing and Multi-Bands Frequency Shaping.

5.Tele-coil,Auto save of Volume and Program,Adaptive directional dual microphones.

6.Short Charging time: 3 ± 0.5 hours but  Long use time: Up to 20 hours.

7.Indicator light: Solid Blue light when charging Solid Green light when fully charged.

8.App control via your cell phone or pad: to adjust the volume, programs, bands, frequency control.

9.Rocker switch: Rocker VC easy control to adjust volume, programs

10.Single package size:16X11X5.5 cm,Single gross weight:0.300 kg,super small and light.


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Wireless Rechargeable Smart Spieth BTE001 BTE Hearing Aids 0 reviews

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